Strasbourg, 16th September 2014

On Monday a debate was held in the European Parliament concerning Russia’s embargo on agricultural imports from the EU. At the debate, MEPs from the Law and Justice party persuaded the European Commission to support Polish farmers, struggling with the effects of the embargo. Read more

Charles Tannock
August 8, 2014

The horrific effects of Islamist violence in Kurdish Iraq merits every possible humanitarian aid, but also military help from friendly neighbours to the Kurdistan Regional Government, a senior MEP urged today. Read more

Mep  LEGUTKO Ryszard Antoni
Brussels, 18th July 2014

Members of Law and Justice Delegation in the European Parliament strongly condemn the unprecedented act of aggression, i.e. shooting down of the civic aircraft near Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. The plane has been shot down at a height of 10.000 meters, and that fact proves usage of an advanced weapon. Read more