In a wide ranging interview, published in The Times on 16 January, President-elect Donald Trump strongly criticised the EU and expressed scepticism towards NATO. But his remarks about the Alliance were carefully qualified. He attached importance to NATO and made clear his commitment to the defence of Europe and the West. His concerns were that […]

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Proposals put forward by a panel chaired by Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti – which push for the EU to be able to directly raise revenue – have been rejected by ECR Budgets spokesman Bernd Koelmel. Speaking as the report was published, he said: “Once again, one of the many crises in the EU […]

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09 Jan 2017 sialis

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The MEP of the Liberal-Konservative Reformer (formerly known as ALFA-Partei) and budgetary policy speaker of the ECR Group, Bernd Kölmel, has called for the new Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger to demonstrate the courage of his convictions. During a European Parliament exchange of views with the new Commissioner, Mr. Kolmel said “The EU has made clear […]

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