Despite being a new group we have already managed to make a major difference to the European political landscape.


Delivering a smaller and better focussed EU budget for 2014-2020.

By pushing for smaller and better focused EU budget and thanks to support of like-minded leaders we delivered a historic deal where greater focus is put on economic growth and value for money.

The EU´s costs will be reduced by around 35 billion euros and we also ensured that the budget lines for areas that help create jobs were increased by over a third.


More open trade, more jobs, more business opportunities, and cheaper goods.

We have delivered a number of agreements that will break down the barriers to European companies trading with major economic powers.

We secured the Free Trade Agreement with South Korea which will be worth at least €1.6 billion to the EU economy every year. Our MEPs also led calls for an EU-USA trade agreement that would be worth around €545 for an average household in the EU.


"Cut the costs of the Parliament´s ´Travelling circus".

We are leading the campaign to end the European Parliament's monthly relocation between Brussels and Strasbourg. In 2012 the ECR was able to amend the parliament's calendar to merge two Strasbourg sessions into one, reducing the costs of this 'travelling circus' by 15 million Euros. The measure was struck down by the European Court for subsequent years, but the ECR co-authored a resolution that called for a treaty change to create a single seat, which received overwhelming support from the parliament.


Efficient measures to improve the fight against terrorism.

The ECR has led on the adoption of several critical counter-terror agreements with the USA, such as an agreement that allows banking information to be used to detect terrorist activity. The ECR also secured a Passenger Name Records (PNR) deal with the USA that will help to detect and prosecute terrorists, serious criminals and traffickers, and it is leading on a proposal to introduce a similar PNR system within the EU.


Cutting red tape and better regulation.

We have secured agreement that the smallest businesses will be exempt from most EU law, and we lobbied the European Commission to introduce the REFIT programme which has seen a number of obsolete laws axed, and far fewer new laws are being proposed than in the past.


End to years of fisheries mismanagement by Brussels.

We led reforms of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy that took powers from Brussels and hand them back to local people and local fishing communities. The reforms will ensure that fisheries policy is controlled locally and based on scientific evidence and information from fishermen themselves.


More equal payments for farmers in newer EU countries.

We used a major reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy to insist that farmers across the EU receive much fairer payments, as farmers in Central and Eastern Europe have often been at a significant disadvantage. Under the reforms the gap will be closed.


Driving forward the Digital Single Market.

We believe the single market should help digital companies, not hold them back, which is why we have been at the forefront of strengthening consumer rights on the internet, strengthening our protection against cybercrime, working for practical and principles-based data protection reforms, and ending mobile phone roaming charges in a way that will not push up people's everyday mobile bills.

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