Bernd Kölmel considers idea of eurozone budget absurd!

Jul 12, 2016


In the presence of five EU-finance ministers, ALFA MEP Bernd Koelmel, spokesman on budgetary affairs of the ECR-group, harshly criticised plans to create a common eurozone budget during a hearing in the budget committee concerning the so-called fiscal capacity of the European Parliament on Monday evening. “When introducing the Euro, the advocates of the Euro stated it would never come to a communitarization of debts or creation of an economic union. Today, EPP-MEP Reimar Boege together with the French socialist Pervenche Berès submitted a report, focussing mainly on solidarity in order to maintain the Euro. Additional budgetary funds up to seven percent of the member states’ GPD are wanted – an absurd idea espescially right after the Brexit”, says Bernd Koelmel.
According to Koelmel, this suggestion could amount to a maximum EU-budget of over one trillion Euro per year. Koelmel expects this to be mainly at the expense of donor countries such as Germany. “The current EU-budget of approximately 150 billion Euro appears to be quite modest in comparison”, comments the ALFA-MEP.
The term „fiscal capacity“, as title of the EU-budget, is also not exactly citizen-friendly: “One could get the impression that important facts are put in convoluted wording on purpose: The European tax payers are asked to pay up massively for a Eurozone budget. But we don’t need a consolidation of the EU, especially after the Brexit-referendum. What we need is the opposite: More individual responsibility, more subsidiarity und and strict budgetary discipline of each member state. And obviously, we need to speak a clear language, calling things as they are.”