Delaying negotiations on future EU-UK deal is not the answer

Oct 03, 2017


Speaking during today’s debate in the European Parliament on negotiations with the UK on their withdrawal from the EU, ECR Group members have warned that unless discussions move forward to the future EU – UK relationship then both sides, their businesses and citizens will suffer.

ECR Group Italian MEP Raffaele Fitto said:

“Delaying the start of the second phase of negotiations with the UK is not the answer and risks complicating the situation even further. It would be a huge mistake to continue further dividing both sides, attempting to prevail over one another. We need to work to overcome this phase of negotiations marred by divisions that are created by details rather than principles. 

“Our co-citizens and businesses are asking for certainty in their daily lives and it is our duty to secure a future framework for EU-UK relations. We must be prepared to compromise and keep in mind the fact that in 2019, the United Kingdom will be a third-party country.”

ECR Group Vice-Chair Hans Olaf Henkel said:

“With Britain, we are now losing the last advocate for decentralisation, competitiveness and self-responsibility. I consider this catastrophic much less for Britain than it is for the EU. It was the mantra for more Europe, more centralisation, more solidarity which led to the referendum in the first place.

“Now we need to move forward. The British Government cannot negotiate with itself – the EU side now needs to sit down at the table and start helping to move discussions forward as well.”