Cameron's Italian allies launch their manifesto

Jul 20, 2015


A new political party came of age in Rome yesterday, pledged to support David Cameron’s efforts to reform the European Union and Britain’s relationship. Under the leadership of Raffaele Fitto, former President of Puglia and Regional Minister, the Italian Conservatives & Reformists launched their manifesto and new logo in the Italian Parliament. That morning, Silvio Berlusconi held a deliberate attempt at a spoiling operation in the same room.

The Conservatori e Riformisti have already formed a caucus at the Italian Senate (12 Senators), they are also forming a caucus at the Chamber of Deputies, and count 2 MEPs as members.

British Conservative MEP, Geoffrey Van Orden, who was invited to become Honorary President of the new party, commented:

“The Italian people have become justifiably cynical about the antics of many existing political parties in which they had placed their trust.
Raffaele Fitto is an inspiring leader of this fresh party which aims to break with the past and build something new in Italian politics.”

“His Italian Conservatives & Reformists bring zeal for change both in Italy and across the EU and will provide David Cameron with more allies as he seeks to reform the EU relationship.”

Raffaele Fitto commented: “Unfortunately, within the European institutions, the Socialists and European People’s Party are too often allied and continue to feed a fiscal and bureaucratic monster. The British Conservatives lead the fight against this wave, and they are the most reliable promoters of a deep change. Mr Cameron’s proposal of renegotiation is indeed the path to be followed”.