ECR Group adopts a declaration on the situation in Ukraine

Jan 28, 2014


At today’s ECR Group meeting, MEPs unanimously adopted a resolution on the situation in Ukraine, expressing its solidarity with the people of Ukraine, condemning violence against peaceful protesters, and supporting Ukraine’s European aspirations.

The full declaration adopted can be read below:

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament resolution on the situation in Ukraine
A. Whereas the demonstrations in Kiev, which began in November as a protest against the government’s decision not to sign the Association Agreement with the EU, has transformed into a general movement against the authorities after the brutal attack by the riot police on the protesters;

B. Whereas at least 5 people have died so far in the violence, including 2 shot dead at the site of the Kiev protest camp on Independence Square, and more than 2000 people have been injured;

C. Whereas unrest has been reported in many other cities in Ukraine, with protesters taking control of the local administration centres in at least 10 of them;

D. Whereas the Ukrainian opposition has made an appeal to Western leaders and politicians to support and help the protesters;

E. Whereas on 16th January 2014 the Verkhovna Rada passed new laws restricting basic freedoms, including freedom of speech, media, religious organizations and NGO’s;

1. Expresses its full solidarity with the people of Ukraine and condemns the violent repressions against peaceful protesters, journalists, NGO activists, students and clergy;

2. Expresses its sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the clashes, repressions and abductions;

3. Warns the authorities that any further escalation of violence may have serious political consequences; in case of further provocations, calls on the Council to impose travel and financial sanctions on members of the government responsible for aggravating the situation and for violating human rights and disregarding the rule of law; points to the immediate reaction of the US Embassy in Kiev, which revoked the visas of several officials who were linked to the violence after the deaths on 22nd January;

4. Fully supports Ukraine’s European aspirations and recalls its readiness to sign the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU once a political solution between the government and opposition is found;

5. Welcomes the decision taken by the Ukrainian Parliament to repeal the repressive anti – protest laws passed on 16th January 2014;

6. Welcomes ongoing negotiations between the authorities and the opposition leaders and hopes that they will bring a peaceful, democratic political solution to the crisis; calls on both sides to continue the talks;

7. Calls on the authorities to immediately release all political prisoners, including Yulia Tymoshenko, civil society activists, journalists, members of the clergy and protesters detained in Kiev and other cities;

8. Calls for cost-free visa facilitation to improve the exchange of certain categories of visitors between the EU and Ukraine;

9. Underlines the calls made by the opposition to the EU leaders and politicians to support the aspirations of the Ukrainian people by all means at their disposal, including diplomatic pressure on the authorities, targeted measures against government officials responsible for human rights violations, as well as personal visits to Euromaidan in order to show solidarity with the protesters and send a strong political signal to the authorities;

10. Remains concerned about Russian interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine and calls on Russia to refrain from pressuring the authorities to act against the will of Ukrainian people;