ECR MEPs back new measures to tackle cross-border scams

Nov 14, 2017


Steps to improve co-operation between national consumer protection authorities have been backed by ECR MEPs today.

The European Parliament approved new measures to ensure scams shut down in one country cannot simply be started again in another country by fraudsters. One example of a repeated illegal practice is the directory scam in which scammers demand businesses pay for a listing in a directory that doesn’t exist. Directory fraud has often reappeared in a different country after being shut down in another.

ECR shadow rapporteur, Richard Sulik MEP said: “These measures balance the need to not overburden businesses while protecting consumers from fraud. I hope following today’s vote that we will see more enforcement and co-ordination across Member States to prevent people falling victim to scams.”

ECR Internal Market co-ordinator, Daniel Dalton, said: “For years now we have seen a familiar pattern: a scam takes off hoodwinking thousands of people in one place and when authorities shut the operation down it is simply started again in another country.

“Fraudsters don’t stop at the border. Today’s vote is a step in the right direction to ensure that national authorities are one step ahead of scammers who cause deep distress and misery to innocent victims.”