ECR Working Group on Religious Freedom launched its work

Oct 24, 2014


On Wednesday, 22nd October, ECR Working Group on Religious Freedom held its first meeting. The Group is co-chaired by Peter van Dalen and Tomasz Poręba.

Religion or belief is a crucial part of every person’s identity. “Some of us have lived under Communism where there was no religious freedom. Others have experience with the difficulties minorities face in for example the Middle East. Many of us are Christians and as such are concerned for persecution of Christians. Perhaps some of us are also concerned about religious freedom in our own countries. Religious freedom is an international fundamental right, for everyone, regardless of religion or belief”, stress the founders of the Group.

This working group will be a forum for discussion and exchanging ideas. It will take parliamentary initiatives and provide policy ideas for the ECR Group in the European Parliament and for its constituent parties in the Member States.