EU – Denmark security cooperation continues

Apr 13, 2017


EU-Denmark security arrangements faced a cliff edge in May 2017 until Members of the Home Affairs committee approved a new flexible approach between Denmark and EUROPOL.

Following the referendum in December 2015, Denmark decided to end its full membership of the European Police Office (EUROPOL). Discussions between the Danish autorities and the EU institutions led to an agreement that would continue data sharing, exchange of information and liaison among police forces. This agreement allows cooperation to continue and respects Denmark’s choice.

ECR shadow rapporteur Anders Vistisen believes that Denmark’s continued future cooperation with EUROPOL is essential in order to guarantee the safety and security of EU citizens.

Mr Vistisen said: “I am very happy that the agreement got through the committee. It is fully in line with the ECR commitment to flexible integration. We were able to address all security concerns while not forcing a Member State to sign up to an EU agency when its citizens have refused to do so.”


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