EU pledge to cut red tape is welcome but action must follow words says conservative MEP

Oct 22, 2009


Strasbourg 22 October 2009. The European Commission today published a report updating how it plans to meet its commitment of reducing red tape by 25% by 2012.

ECR Industry spokesman in Brussels Giles Chichester today welcomed the renewed commitment to cutting red tape but wants the Commission to step up their efforts further.

He said,

“The Commission today outlined the current state of play on existing burdens and have pledged to look at areas where red tape can be reduced. They have set themselves a target of a 25% reduction by 2012 which is admirable and I welcome their renewed commitment in this area.

“However we have had talk before and it seldom leads to results. Europe has a track record of setting ambitious targets in many fields but unfortunately it also has form in failing to meet those targets. I hope I am wrong on this occasion.

“The role of the European Commission and the European Parliament should not only be to churn out new laws but to look at whether old laws can be improved, made simpler, or even scrapped altogether.”  

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