European Parliament ends debate on the future of EU finances before it even started

Oct 24, 2017


ECR budget coordinator Bernd Koelmel has accused MEPs of shutting down the debate on the EU’s future financing arrangements without even acknowledging the new reality they’re about to face.

Today the European Parliament adopted a report on the future direction of EU finances that calls on the EU27 not only to fill the gap caused by the UK’s withdrawal, but to far exceed current levels of spending through the introduction of new EU taxes and an increase in Member State contributions.

Speaking after the vote, Koelmel said:

“Today the European Parliament has advocated deepened EU integration, which will lead to a 23 per cent increase in expenditure and separate EU taxes. Earlier this year the commission proposed five possible scenarios on the future of the EU’s budget and the European Parliament has now dismissed four of them.

“It is quite something that despite Brexit and the rise of EU-critical voices throughout Europe there is not only a gaping lack of realism regarding future EU finances, but there is also no willingness to even discuss them.

“It would have been sensible if the existing EU budget had been cut by the UK’s contribution and concentrated further in important areas such as the internal market, fighting terrorism and internal security, research, environment and migration. The EP’s position has something of the giant Gargantua about it.

“Apparently savings, realism and a willingness to engage in a broad social debate are more likely to be found in the Council and the Commission than in the European Parliament at the moment. MEPs need to listen to citizens before embarking on wild and carefree spending plans that cost taxpayers billions.”