EU’s border agency beef-up approved by MEP committee

Online Pharmacies A strengthening of the EU’s FRONTEX border agency has been approved by the home affairs committee of the European Parliament. cialis generika

200 cialis coupon The new FRONTEX Border and Coast Guard gives the agency significant extra power and resources to assist EU states control the flow of migrants at the EU’s external borders.

viagra 100 European Conservatives and Reformists Group shadow rapporteur Helga Stevens MEP, said: “It is essential that we give our border agency the tools it needs to protect our external border from economic migrants, and to ensure that genuine refugees are not put at the mercy of people traffickers

viagra Our ability to act decisively and swiftly in both the current and future migration challenges requires strong infrastructure and clear rules to be put in place.

“I want to see FRONTEX taking a greater role in assisting in returns and readmission of failed asylum seekers.

“It was imperative for us that decision-making over urgent matters remained with the EU governments in the council, rather than the commission. The agreement that we have adopted today reflects that demand. We must make sure that we respect national sovereignty but we must also take action with those countries that jeopardise the whole Schengen area when they are unable to manage their external borders effectively.”