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ECR Brochure 2016

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group was created in 2009 to campaign for urgent reform of the European Union. We believe it is time to make Europe work again: both economically and for its people. Bringing to- gether over 70 MEPs from 17 EU countries and 24 different political parties, we are currently the third largest group in the European Parliament.

20 ECR Acheivements 2009-13

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group has published a sample of its achievements during the first few years since its formation as a political group in the European Parliament.

ECR Group Chairman Martin Callanan said: “For a new group often swimming against the federalist tide, we have a strong record of delivery in Brussels and Strasbourg. Here are just a few examples of how we have begun to take the EU in a new direction.”

Commission Work Programme 2014

The European Commission has the power to initiate new EU legislation. Each year, the commission adopts a Work Programme to set the year ahead. With a new European Commission planning to take office, see what kind of programme we believe they should adopt – one that unleashes the potential of Europe’s businesses and entrepreneurs.

ECR Policy Toolkit

Better regulation is now at the centre of the political agenda, particularly the need to reduce the administrative burden on business and to cut ‘red tape’. Not only is it essential for creat- ing and maintaining jobs, it is intrinsically linked to the concept of re-shoring - bringing jobs back to Europe.


This tool kit is intended to help ECR Members build on what has already been achieved. It identi es a number of key questions to be asked of any proposal, followed by twelve better regula- tion principles. Each of these comes with a recommendation or sample amendment that Members can use as a guide, to push forward key ECR proposals for better regulation in the legislative cycle.

ECR Group proposals on the revision of the Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Law-Making

The ECR Group views the improvement of our regulatory environment as an essential element of the competitiveness agenda and as a significant contributor to maximising employment and growth in Europe. By encouraging more companies to locate in Europe and not out-source, an effective, competitive regulatory environment contributes to improved social and environmental conditions, while providing an economic benefit not just in numerical terms, but also through positive spill-over effects such as increased innovation.

ECR Members 2016

Directory of ECR members for 2016.

Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws prescribe harsh sentences for ‘de ling’ the Quran and insulting the prophet Muhammed. The laws also forbid Ahmadis from calling themselves Muslim. The laws discriminate and sti e religious minorities but threaten majority Muslims as well due to widespread misuse. In this paper Peter van Dalen and Tomasz Poręba offer their proposals
for reform of the blasphemy laws.

ECR Members (Italian)


ECR Brochure 2016 (Italian)

Nel Parlamento europeo, i depu- tati costituisconogruppi politici pan-europei, riunendoparlamentari con un programma simile.

Diversi anni fa, alcuni deputati desideravano formare un grande raggruppamento alternativo ai gruppi federalisti già presenti sulla scena politica.

Reshoring: Bringing jobs back to Europe

Re-shoring can be Europe’s employment success story of the next ten years. Not only will new employment opportunities be created, but jobs which have left Europe for a more friendly busi- ness environment will return home.


Timothy Kirkhope


Timothy Kirkhope

The challenges we face are vast. They include gun, drug and people trafficking, child sexual exploitation online, cybercrime, attacks against critical infrastructure, the movement of criminal individuals across internal borders, organised crime groups operating out of several countries, and political upheaval and conflict on the EU's doorstep. Therefore, never before has it been more crucial for the EU and its Member States to have a coordinated, forward looking, adaptable and communicative Security Strategy.

Proposals on migration in the Mediterranean

Timothy Kirkhope

Controlled immigration and effective implementation of asylum procedures was one of the founding principles and priorities of the ECR Group. Much like a number of areas of EU policy making, asylum and migration is an area where reform and improvement in its implementation are needed, and the burdens placed upon some Member States addressed.

ECR Group discussion paper on the Digital Single Market Strategy

Vicky Ford

The ECR wants a single market fit for the digital age that will stimulate growth, innovation and competitiveness.

Our priorities for the EU's Digital Single Market Strategy seek to create an environment that will be friendly to consumers and businesses in the digital world, by unlocking the benefits of digital advances, removing barriers to trade to stimulate ecommerce, empowering consumers, and supporting businesses, creators and investors.

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