Gróbarczyk: Commission must not miss opportunity to establish a real energy union

Feb 25, 2015


An EU energy union should be seen as an historic opportunity for the EU to build a real energy policy that respects both national sovereignty whilst almost promoting solidarity, diversification and boosting domestic production, Marek Gróbarczyk MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists Group energy spokesman, said today.

Speaking in a debate in the European Parliament following the publication of the commission’s plans for the energy union, Mr Gróbarczyk said:

“The current situation in Europe provides us with a great, historic opportunity for the EU to build its real, solidarity-based energy policy, with respect for the sovereignty of Member States.

“We require infrastructure investments in Europe that will help deliver real diversification in energy exports and boost domestic production using both conventional and non-conventional sources.

“These proposals are disappointing because I fear they offer a virtual energy union that is not adequate to meet our growing challenges. In particular, Donald Tusk declared his intention to build a real, coherent energy union including ‘gas solidarity’, rehabilitation of coal and substantial diversification. Now that he is President of the European Council he should stick to the promises that he made.”