Helga Stevens: “Only jobs and growth can draw people out of poverty.”

Jul 05, 2017


In turbulent times, the EU cannot think that it can solve every crisis by itself. It needs to work together with the UN, NATO and the G20 to end the funding of terrorism, and punish the barbaric practice of human trafficking, ECR MEP Helga Stevens told Members in Strasbourg.

In a debate on the upcoming G20 Summit in Hamburg, Ms Stevens argued that jobs and growth are the best possible solution to global challenges.

Helga Stevens said: “The EU needs to champion less regulation and lower taxes, not more red tape and bureaucracy. Because it is jobs and growth which draw people out of poverty and prevents unsustainable economic migration, and it is jobs and growth which bring countries closer together and gives people self-respect.

“Unfortunately, the Leaders’ Summit has become better known for updating the family photo, rather than plotting a strategic course for the next twelve months. Leaders need to start looking at what they can realistically achieve at a global level instead.”