Henkel: Renewable energy target irrelevant compared to wider energy market problems

Nov 28, 2017


The introduction of a 35% EU target for renewable energy is irrelevant when considered in the context of the wider problems facing the EU’s energy market, said ECR German MEP Hans Olaf Henkel, vice chair of the parliament’s energy committee, following a vote today.

Today the committee voted on extending the EU’s renewable energy framework from the year 2020 to 2030, and opted for a binding EU level renewable energy target of 35% and removed the individual national requirements under the previous framework.

Speaking after the vote, Henkel said:

Today’s vote on new renewables targets for 2030 will please some people but it’s irrelevant when you look at the wider problems facing the EU’s energy market.

“The EU has become obsessed with targets. We have targets for emissions, efficiency, renewables and interconnectors but when we look around there is nobody shouting in favour of liberalisation. A fully liberalised energy market is the only way to create competitive energy prices, phase out subsidies, increase competition and drive investment in new sources of supply.”

The proposals, which also include provisions on biofuels and heating and cooling, now pass to the whole parliament before negotiations can begin with the Council and Commission.