Kamall: EU-Japan trade deal brings jobs, growth and prosperity

Jul 06, 2017


ECR Group Co-Chairman Syed Kamall has welcomed the political agreement on a trade deal reached between the European Commission and the Japanese Government. Once finalised, it has been estimated that the trade deal could generate a one percent boost to GDP and create up to 400,000 jobs. He also stressed that the political agreement reached at the EU-Japan summit in Brussels is an important milestone and hopes negotiations can be closed soon before passing to the ratification stage.

Dr Kamall said: “Japan and European Union countries have been close trading partners and allies for decades. The ECR Group believes that we need to continue making the positive case for open trade, while addressing legitimate concerns over disruption to industries, when others are clearly questioning its benefits. Opening our markets to each other is good for business and good for consumers.

“We must break down the barriers to international trade if we want to be more competitive and grow our economies. Companies and consumers have already seen the benefits of the freer trade agreement with South Korea.  The ECR Group hopes that the EU will soon complete trade agreements with Vietnam, Singapore, and other trading partners.”