Kamall on Brexit talks: EU27 must be willing to look at bigger picture

Sep 25, 2017


Speaking ahead of this week’s round of negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, ECR Group co-chair Syed Kamall has argued that solutions to the big issues can’t be found unless the EU27, as well as the UK, are willing to start looking at the bigger picture, which includes the future trading relationship.

Speaking ahead of the talks Kamall said:

“I hope the clarity on the UK’s negotiating position provided by the UK Prime Minister last week will allow for real progress at the next round of negotiations. 

“Solutions to the key issues such as Northern Ireland, citizens’ rights and any outstanding obligations can’t be found unless the EU27 as well as the UK, is willing to start looking at the bigger picture including the future EU-UK relationship.

“I want to see a deal that is good and fair for both sides. The UK and EU’s future trade relationship is just as important for EU jobs and business, as it is for those UK companies that trade with EU companies and customers.”