Koelmel on the MFF: Increased budget despite Brexit is disappointing but entirely predictable

May 02, 2018


Commenting after European Commission announced their proposals for the next Multiannual Financial Framework, the EU’s next seven year budget, ECR spokesman on the budget Bernd Koelmel MEP said:

“Proposing an increase in the EU’s budget despite Brexit is disappointing but entirely predictable. From new EU taxes to common defence funds to policing ‘values’ this budget is all about more centralisation and more Brussels meddling.

“EU taxes that replace money currently collected and spent by Member States isn’t new money. It’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. Countries will end up with a shortfall, forcing them to choose between raising taxes to make up for it or cutting spending. It’s a simple as that and once this door is opened, it will never close.

“There are elements we can welcome. Increasing funding for research and innovation is essential, as is more money for border protection. It’s long overdue but certainly a step in the right direction as we step up our efforts to increase border security and geuniely protect the most vulnerable.”