Macron speech: “Just more smoke and mirrors”

Sep 27, 2017


ECR co-chairs Ryszard Legutko and Syed Kamall have both spoken of their disappointment after French President Emmanuel Macron outlined his ‘grand’ vision for the EU in Paris today.

Legutko said:

“This was a speech steeped in symbolism and an attempt to re-inspire the European project – but in reality is it just more smoke and mirrors and more slogan driven politics to disguise the lack of solutions to the challenges the EU faces.”

Kamall said:

“The ECR welcome anyone from across the political spectrum who talks about the need for EU reform. We want to see an EU that goes in a new direction, does less but does it better. Sadly what President Macron talked about was more Europe, further integration, more agencies. That’s not what the EU needs or what voters across the EU want. ”