MEP Demesmaeker (ECR) in a one-day hungerstrike in solidarity with Nadiya Savchenko

Feb 09, 2015


Nadia Savchenko is a Ukrainian MP and was arrested in June last year on Ukrainian territory and abducted by pro-Russian forces. Since then she remains locked up in a Russian prison.

In protest against her illegal incarceration she started a hunger strike on 13 December. 58 days later her health is in critical condition.

Together with several colleagues in the European Parliament and s several other sympathizers, MEP for the flemish N-VA and coordinator in the human rights committee Mark Demesmaeker, will refrain from eating a whole day.

“Miss Savchenko was a Ukrainian air force pilot when she was arrested and transferred to Russia to be tried for the death of two Russian journalists. The content of the indictment as well as the way in which she was arrested is very controversial and was challenged from the beginning. ”

During her detention miss Savchenko was elected to the Ukrainian parliament (October 2014) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (January 2015). “Because of this mandate she enjoys parliamentary impunity and diplomatic protection. Despite of the military conflict between Ukraine and the by Russia supported militias, I expect Russia to honour international conventions and to release miss Savchenko from prison immediately.”

Together with other colleagues in the European Parliament from all political groups MEP Demesmaeker will address a letter to H.E. Chizhov, Russian Ambassador to the EU.

“I have never been weak and never will be! They cannot break my spirit.
Я ніколи не була слабкою і ніколи не буду. Силу духу мою не зламати.” (Nadiya Savchenko)