Timothy Kirkhope
Brussels, 26th May 2016

The European Parliament has today adopted a resolution that will give businesses and individuals clarity over the flow of transatlantic data, European Conservatives and Reformists shadow rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope MEP, said after the vote. Read more

Brussels, 26th May 2016

A new approach is needed to remove obstacles to trade that still exist across the EU, according to ECR MEP Dan Dalton. Read more

Brussels, 25th May 2016

Local media confirm that Ukrainian pilot, Nadiya Savchenko, has now been swapped for the two Russian prisoners,Yevgeny Yerofeyev, and Alexander Alexandrov, held by Ukraine. Read more

Brussels, 25th May 2016

Plans to force online retailers to open their websites to customers across the EU could reduce consumer choice, ECR MEPs have warned Read more

Brussels, 24th May 2016

ECR chair of the European Parliament’s Security and Defence subcommittee Anna Fotyga has released the following statement: Read more

13th May 2016, Brussels

Open letter to the Governments of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Poland Read more

Brussels, 19th May 2016

Next week the European Commission is set to publish a revision of its Media Services Directive, which is expected to include a requirement for Netflix and other on-demand services to devote at least 20 percent of their content to European works. Read more

Mep Richard SULÍK
Strasbourg, 11th May 2016

Slovak ECR Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Richard Sulík, prepared two letters regarding the controversial law on minimum wage in Germany (MiLoG). Read more

Mep KIRKHOPE Timothy
Strasbourg, 11th May 2016

Police and security cooperation across the EU will be strengthened after MEPs today adopted a new mandate for Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency. Read more

Strasbourg, 10th May 2016

Local communities now have more power over spending EU regional funds, but they need more support to make use of it, according to a report drafted for the European Parliament by Croatian MEP Ruza Tomasic. Read more