Mar 10, 2017



Parliament will vote on a report from ECR MEP Julie Girling setting out a package of measures to improve equine welfare. Mrs. Girling’s report includes recommendations on responsible breeding, donkey milk farming and increased inspections of farms. The report also reiterates previous parliament calls on the commission to table science-based proposals to shorten maximum journey limits for horses intended for slaughter.

Vote: Tuesday @ 12:00

Press officer to contact: Robert Taylor on +32 498 984760


New rules on firearms setting out the conditions under which private individuals can lawfully acquire and possess guns or transfer them to another EU country will by voted by the parliament on Tuesday. The report drafted by ECR MEP Vicky Ford revises an existing Directive and introduces new provisions addressing the categorisation of firearms, marking requirements, licensing procedures, the treatment of deactivated and historical firearms, as well as requirements for museums and collectors. The legislation will also require EU countries to put in place monitoring systems for issuing and renewing licences and to exchange information with one another.

Vote: Tuesday @ 12:00

Press officers to contact: Robert Taylor on +32 498 984760


This package seeks to increase the amount of waste that is recycled and in turn limit the share that is sent to landfill. A new definition of municipal waste aims at improving the quality of implementation and helping to improve recycling rates. The package also covers waste prevention measures and litter reduction objectives at the EU level, the need for a review clause to update related legislation under the circular economy framework, and underlines the value of setting up an EU platform for countries and regions to exchange best practices. ECR shadow rapporteur, Mark Demesmaeker, sees the transition towards a circular economy as necessary to maintain economic competitiveness and to stimulate economic growth and employment.

Vote: Tuesday @ 12:00

Press officers to contact: Yannick Vanderveeren on +32 473 80 64 46


Polish ECR MEPs Anna Fotyga and Kosma Złotowski will host a hearing accompanied by a press conference on “Crimea, 3 years of occupation – testimonies” with the participation of guests from the occupied territory of Ukraine. On Thursday morning, MEPs will hold a debate with a resolution on Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and the situation in Crimea.

Press conference: Wednesday @ 10.30

Event: Wednesday @ 16.30-18.00, room LOW N 1.3

Press officers to contact: Katarzyna Ochman on +32 470 955928


MEPs will vote on a resolution on the planned German road toll system that in its original form would have allowed German drivers to deduct whatever they paid in road tolls from their vehicle tax bills. ECR shadow rapporteur and transport coordinator Roberts Zīle argues that the revised road toll system must not discriminate based on nationality and directly or indirectly favour German based car-users. He also calls on the Commission to present all details of the back-room deal made between Jen-Claude Juncker and the German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt.

Vote: Wednesday @ 12:00

Press officers to contact: Karlis Burmeisters on +32 473 52 77 04


Parliament is scheduled to adopt new rules that aim to further prevent the financing of armed groups through the trade in conflict minerals. ECR shadow rapporteur Emma McClarkin helped to secure a deal that will encourage EU companies to source tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold responsibly. These minerals are widely used in everyday products including mobile phones, cars and jewellery.

Vote: Thursday @ 12:00

Press officers to contact: Robert Taylor on +32 498 984760


Montenegro’s reform progress is assessed in a report drafted by ECR MEP Charles Tannock as part of the country’s path towards EU accession. The report recognises reforms undertaken by the Montenegrin government in areas such as public administration, the fight against corruption, the workings of the judiciary and money laundering. Concerns are expressed over Russian attempts to unduly influence developments in Montenegro, including incidents during the October 2016 elections. As Montenegro seeks to join NATO this year, Mr. Tannock believes that it is an important time for the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration process and vital that the European Parliament takes this opportunity to show strong support for that process.

Vote: Thursday @ 12:00

Press officers to contact: Christina Rasmussen on +32 475 78 08 19

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