Nicholson raises Brazil red meat scandal in European Parliament

Mar 24, 2017


ECR Agriculture Co-ordinator Jim Nicholson has today called for action over reports alleging that Brazilian companies have been selling unsafe produce including rotten and substandard beef.

Raising the issue in the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, UK MEP Mr Nicholson called on the European Commission to outline how much beef has come from Brazil in recent years and provide a full assessment of the risk posed to European consumers.

Mr Nicholson said: “The beef scandal emerging from Brazil has the potential to be seismic for the industry worldwide.

“I have asked the Commission to provide information as to how much beef has been imported from Brazil into each EU Member State. We need to be able to assess the risk posed to consumers across Europe.

“It is vital for public confidence that the Commission acts soon to establish the facts and reassure consumers.

“Free trade talks between the EU and the Mercosur bloc, which includes Brazil, are set to be ramped up and food safety and maintaining our high standards must be at the top of the agenda when it comes to discussions around agricultural products.”


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