Parliament aims to reduce delivery costs in the internal market

Oct 12, 2017


The European Parliament’s transport committee today voted through new rules that aim to reduce disparities between member states in terms of cross border delivery costs. The proposals fit into the EU’s wider strategy to improve e-commerce and will help small and medium sized businesses in particular who are often priced out of cross-border trading due to high delivery costs.
ECR shadow rapporteur Kosma Zlotowski believes that consumers will benefit from increased transparency and small e-retailers will be able to get better deals on delivery charges.

Speaking after the vote, he said:
“Delivery costs are a significant barrier to entry into the European market for small and medium-sized online retailers. Improving the transparency of delivery costs will help smaller companies access business and customers they were previously unable to compete for.
“The new approach will help monitor charges within the market for parcel delivery without interfering with the principle of free competition. Talks were extremely difficult but we feel the text now strikes the right balance.”


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