Parliament shuts down debate on controversial new Eprivacy rules

Oct 26, 2017


MEPs decision to bypass the European Parliament’s main chamber on controversial new Eprivacy rules has been criticised by ECR Group spokesman on the proposals, Dan Dalton MEP. The proposals on Eprivacy contain huge changes to the way data is collected and how websites operate. The ECR Group had forced a vote to decide whether the proposals should be brought before all MEPs but this was rejected with 318 votes in favour to 280 against the mandate.

Now the position adopted last week by the civil liberties committee will form the basis of the parliament’s negotiating mandate, and Dalton feels their position will have serious negative consequences for both businesses and consumers.

Speaking after the vote, Dalton said:
“While disappointing, the closeness of today’s vote is a clear signal to Council and Commission that the parliament is not united on this issue. All we were asking was for all MEPs to have a say on the new Eprivacy rules, which in their current form would introduce huge changes to the way the internet works, both for consumers and businesses.
“It does not cast the parliament in a good light when it shuts down debate on big issues such as Eprivacy, and it was disappointing was that those who would normally shout the loudest for greater transparency simply dismissed our calls. We’ll now engage proactively with the Commission and Council to improve the proposals as best we can.”