Parliament takes an irresponsible approach to 2015 EU budget

Oct 27, 2014


The European Parliament’s vote on the 2015 EU budget puts it on collision course with EU governments again, after MEPs demanded an extra €6 billion above EU governments’ position, Bernd Kolmel MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists Group Budgets spokesman, warned today.

In today’s vote, MEPs voted to restore the initial proposal made by the European Commission, but added an extra €4 billion intended to close the widening gap between the EU’s bills and the money on hand to cover them.

Mr Kolmel voted for budgetary constraint by supporting the position taken by EU governments. However, he has also warned that the European Commission must take action to address the shortfall in EU funding by establishing a much stronger budgetary control mechanism that ensures a more responsible approach to how the EU manages its finances.

He said:

“Bills are continually submitted to the European Commission leaving a shortfall in funding, but the answer is to have stronger discipline over how the funds are spent, not to continually ask for more money from taxpayers.

“The European budget needs fundamental reform and one of the first reforms needed is a much stronger management system. It is not acceptable for the commission to authorise projects without having the money on hand to pay for them.

“The EU has to learn to live within its means.”

Following the adoption of the Budget in Plenary, the Parliament and Council will enter a three week conciliation period to achieve a final global agreement by 17 November. The EU Budget 2015 is set to be adopted by Parliament on 26 November in Strasbourg.