Path clear to ratify UN Paris Agreement in the European Parliament

Sep 30, 2016


Responding to news that the EU’s Environment Council has reached agreement on the ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, European Conservatives and Reformists group environment spokesman Julie Girling MEP, said:


“Swift ratification by the EU will allow this treaty to enter into force before the end of this year, it’s really important to have full ratification before COP 22 begins in November. We will do our part to ensure this can happen as soon as possible.


“This agreement is critical to our global efforts to tackle climate change, and it is now on the brink of entering into force.


“China and the US have ratified, and now it is Europe’s turn to show global leadership and ratify this agreement, so that we can get on and implement it with the urgency it deserves.”


The European Parliament is expected to add an item to the plenary agenda in Strasbourg next week so that it can also vote on granting consent to the agreement.