Roadmap of the EU Commission for the Deepening Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union

Dec 06, 2017


Following the publication of EU Commission’s Roadmap for Deepening Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union German ECR MEPs warn against establishing a permanent transfer. “The problems of the Eurozone remain unresolved,” says MEP Bernd Lucke.

Bernd Lucke said:
“The new package of measures will not solve the problem that the southern states within the Eurozone are lacking competitiveness. It is difficult to understand why the Commission believes that this fact should now be tackled with more and more of the same. The Commission under Juncker obviously wants to regain control over a debate which it itself has triggered. Even more statism from Brussels will not help the Eurozone.

Joachim Starbatty said:
“The Commission wants to get a foot in the door with the European Monetary Fund. Of course you start small, so as not to scare off those whose money you will fall back on. But once established, the European Monetary Fund will need to be increased year by year to keep the suffering debtor countries afloat. “