Tannock: Strong EU/New Zealand links “a force for good in the world”

Nov 16, 2017


Links between New Zealand and the European Union will be strengthened following the approval  today by MEPs of a comprehensive partnership agreement.

Piloted through the European Parliament by ECR Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Tannock MEP, the agreement formalises co-operation in a range of areas including trade, education, culture, climate change and counter terrorism.

It will come into effect once ratified by MPs in New Zealand and EU Member States.  Separate talks  on an EU/New Zealand free trade deal are due to begin shortly.

Dr Tannock said: “New Zealand is one of the EU’s closest partners, a country with which we share common values and interests. This agreement cements and develops those links, allowing for closer co-operation and more regular ministerial dialogue.

“I strongly support the emphasis placed on combatting climate change, international terrorism and supporting sustainable development. The agreement also reaffirms the arrangement for New Zealand to contribute militarily towards EU common security and defence missions. As our resolution notes, New Zealand plays an important role in contributing towards peace and international security, a role that is all the more impressive considering its size and geographical location.

“There is no doubt that the relationship between the EU and New Zealand is a force for good in the world.”