“Terrorism and Security: What EU can learn from Israel” – Conference at the European Parliament in Brussels

Dec 09, 2016


The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) in collaboration with the European Coalition for Israel (ECI) organised a conference on “Terrorism and Security: What EU can learn from Israel” at the European Parliament on Thursday 8 December. Terrorism remains the number one concern across the EU member states according to the latest Eurobarometer Survey on Europeans’ attitudes towards security and the need for international cooperation and effective legislation and implementation was addressed by the speakers and presentations at the conference.

ECPM MEP Bastiaan Belder (ECR, The Netherlands), who hosted the event, spoke of Israel’s past being “a history of a permanent fight against terror” and the lessons which the EU can learn from their achievements to counter terrorism. With the memory of the Holocaust in its mind, Israel absolutely prioritizes the security of its citizens in the fight against all forms of terrorism. Tomas Sandell, Founding Director of the European Coalition for Israel, spoke of the need for a “a coherent security policy which builds on universal values”, both inside and outside of the European Union, including our responsibility to prevent terror financing and EU funding being used to further radicalisation.

MK Yehiel Hilik Bar, Deputy Speaker of The Knesset in Israel, stated that “at a time when terrorism and matters of security have become critical concerns internationally”, it is of the utmost importance that Israeli and European leaders work together to maintain safety and security. Keynote speaker Shuli Davidovich, Representative of the Israeli Mission to the EU on Security and relations with NATO, expanded on the opportunities for cooperation between EU and Israel. “Israel and Europe are a part of the same family”, she stated, ‘It is only natural, therefore, that we also face together the same threats and challenges of incitement and radicalism. Israel stands with Europe in the joint fight against the plague of terrorism”. MK Yehiel Hilik Bar was also representing the Christian Allies Caucus, an interparliamentary group with 18 Members of the Knesset of 7 different political parties, focused on developing relations with Christian politicians worldwide.

Rabbi Avi Tawil, Executive Director of the European Jewish Community Center, stressed that the solution to violence and discrimination for the Jewish communities in Europe, which are particularly affected by terrorism, is to have “more presence in the public conversations as proud members of the European family”. Rabbi Tawil also stressed that at the same time, “we cannot afford to lower security standards in Jewish institutions in Europe” even after a relatively calm period since the summer terror attacks.

The conference was attended by a number of Members of the European Parliament and a wide range of representatives of different communities and NGOs.

The event was hosted by ECR MEPs Bastiaan Belder (The Netherlands), Branislav Skripek (Slovakia) and Arne Gericke (Germany).