The EU should do less but do it better

Mar 24, 2017


ECR Group outline vision of a reformed European Union

As European leaders gather to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome the ECR Group is calling on the EU to urgently change its course. ECR Group Chairman Syed Kamall reflects on an EU that has overreached, become too centralised and is out of touch with ordinary people.

Since it was launched in 2009, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group has been campaigning for a reformed EU and has outlined the real change needed to make it fit for a modern and globalised world. Its members want to see an EU that:

Respects Member States’ differences;

Focuses on agreed common interests;

Is more flexible;

Moves closer to its people;

Acts more responsibly with people’s money;

Looks outward to the rest of the world.


Speaking before the summit Kamall said:

“The results of referendums in Denmark, Netherlands and the UK demonstrate that the EU has been failing to address issues that concern people the most. Since the moment the ECR Group was founded, we have called for a fundamental reform of the EU and the way it works. The ECR Group has warned that the concept of a forced United States of Europe would only distance the EU further from the citizens. That is now being widely recognised.

“The ECR Group believes that the right future for Europe is neither break-up nor a superstate, but a community of sovereign nations cooperating in areas where it makes sense. Member States should cooperate in core areas such as trade, the single market, competition, energy, transport, agriculture and fisheries.

“The EU must be more outward looking and seek close economic and strategic ties with friends and allies, particularly those that are close neighbours.

“We in the ECR are saying enough is enough, it’s time for a serious change. We hope that the current and future generations of European leaders will have the courage to take the EU in a new direction.”


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