The European Parliament puts extra pressure on Norway to lower its custom duties

Dec 14, 2016


Today, parliamentarians backed a resolution by the ECR group to remind Norway to comply with EU rules and cut down custom duties.

The move comes as the current agreement on reciprocal access to fishing in the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas between Denmark, Norway and Sweden is being updated to reflect new developments in international fisheries law.

The updated agreement includes provisions to promote conservation and management measures for fisheries in the area.

The ECR rapporteur and Danish MEP, Jørn Dohrmann, used the fisheries report to pressure Norway to ensure that custom duties on food products (including fisheries products) from the EU conform to the European Economic Area Agreement.

“I am pleased that the European Parliament now recommends the Commission to put extra pressure on Norway to lower its custom duties.
“Norway enjoys incredible benefits of the internal market that we willingly give them access to, and they now also have access to fishing in EU waters. For the same reason, Norway also have to show the same generosity. When they put tariffs of 277 percent on yellow cheese and 344 percent on beef, then it goes completely against the very idea of the internal market. Norway should play by common rules “, Dohrmann says.