The Netherlands must emerge as the rational counterweight to ‘more Europe’

Jun 13, 2018


ECR Group members have welcomed the commitment by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to an EU that both respects the sovereignty of its Member States, who should work together to bring real added value, and that does less but does it better.

Rutte was speaking during the European Parliament’s series of debates on the Future of Europe with Member State leaders. ECR Dutch MEP Peter Van Dalen spoke on behalf of the Group and called on the Netherlands to emerge as the new voice against the continual calls in Brussels for ‘more Europe’.

Speaking during the debate, Van Dalen said:

“In the European Union, the United Kingdom has always acted as the constructive opposition. As a counterweight to the often predominant Germany-France axis which now with President Macron means only one thing: more Europe.

“Now is the time for Rutte to take over from the British and organise that counterweight. No more united states of Europe. We need a Europe that works for its Member States, not against them. With an ambitious but realistic budget. A Eurozone that does not become a transfer union, and an EU that helps Italy and Greece solve the migrant crisis.

“If the EU does not change its course now, its institutions will continue to drift further and further from its most important partner, its citizens.”