The Week Ahead – 15th – 18th May

May 12, 2017


Audiovisual Media Services Directive

The ECR Group believes all MEPs should have an opportunity to consider amendments to the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.  We are hopeful of securing sufficient support to stage a vote in plenary on Thursday calling for the report to be discussed at a future parliamentary session, rather than going straight to trilogue, which is the current plan.  Controversial proposals in the revised directive would relax hourly limits on the amount of television advertising, introduce quotas for the amount of EU content on platforms such as Netflix and potentially restrict freedom of speech.

Press officer to contact: Robert Taylor on 0032 498984760,

European Council Debate

On Wednesday morning, Members will debate the conclusions of the European Council meeting of 29 April when EU leaders adopted guidelines for Brexit talks. Raffaele Fitto MEP will speak in the debate in favour of a deep and special partnership that is beneficial for both EU Member States and the United Kingdom.

Debate: Wednesday @ 09:00

Press officer: Jan Krelina on +32 493 214346,

ECR’s topical debate on the powers and control of the ECB

On Wednesday the ECR Group’s own ‘topical debate’ (Rule 153a) on the “Powers and control of the European Central Bank” will be on the agenda for MEPs to discuss. The Commission and Council will also be present and discuss the mandate and policies of the ECB, especially quantitative easing, the purchasing of sovereign bonds (which is considered as monetary financing of the member states), the zero-rate interest policy and its effects on the economies of the member states.

Debate: Wednesday @ 15:00

Press officer to contact: Michael Strauss on +32 470 882348,

Improving EU accountability

In his annual report on subsidiarity and proportionality, UK MEP Sajjad Karim calls for a re-evaluation of the number of national parliaments required for a yellow card to be triggered, pausing legislation. The report also recommends that proposals should be discarded if tests show they would place disproportionate burdens on competitiveness and small businesses.

Debate: Tuesday @ 15:00, vote: Wednesday @ 12:30

Press officer to contact: Cameron Smith on 0044 776 983 3605,

Persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya

MEPs will debate and vote on a resolution on the extremely concerning persecution of homosexual men in the Russian republic of Chechnya. At least 100 people are reported to have been held at detention centres in recent weeks, with at least three killed. Those being held have also faced violence and torture. Reports of a campaign against gay men in Chechnya began appearing in April and a number of alleged victims have started to come forward while authorities there continue to deny the allegations. ECR MEPs are extremely concerned about the situation and have called on Russian authorities to launch an urgent investigation into the issue, as well as demanding the immediate release of all those being held.

Debate: Tuesday @ 15:00, vote: Thursday @ 12:00

Press officer to contact: Robert Taylor on 0032 498984760,

Improving Technical assistance for member states

ECR member Ruža Tomašić’s report on future perspectives of technical assistance in cohesion policy will be voted on Thursday. Generally technical assistance is available to help stakeholders implement Commission-funded programmes and projects and thus help Member States create the intended added value.

Debate: Thursday @ 9:00, vote @ 12.00

Press officer to contact: Marta Lipinska +32 470 904 337,