The Week Ahead from the ECR Group in the European Parliament – 23rd-27th January 2017

Jan 20, 2017


The parliament’s international trade committee will vote on whether to give consent to the EU-Canada trade agreement. ECR shadow rapporteur David Campbell Bannerman MEP wants to see the agreement enacted as soon as possible so that its benefits can be felt by consumers and businesses alike.
Vote: Tuesday morning

The internal market committee will vote on whether to endorse an agreement brokered by ECR MEP Vicky Ford on an update to EU Firearms legislation.
Vote: Thursday morning

Wildlife trade
A report proposing how international trade agreements and improved customs technology could be used to combat wildlife trafficking, drafted by ECR trade spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP, will be voted in the trade committee. Figures estimate the number of African elephants has fallen by a third in the last seven years.
Vote: Tuesday

Audit the ECB
ECR MEPs Sander Loones and Joachim Starbatty will speak at an event alongside dr. Jürgen Stark (former Chief Economist of the European Central Bank) and Ivan Van de Cloot (Chief Economist of Itinera Institute), asking what impact Quantative Easing and low interest rates is having on Europe’s economy.
Event: Thursday from 09.00 in the Renaissance Hotel, Brussels

ECR Leader Syed Kamall is co-hosting a cross party film screening on the fifty year fight that thalidomide victims have faced.
Screening: Wednesday @ 18.00 in room JAN6Q1