Aug 29, 2016


Verheugen gives evidence

Former European Commissioner for Industry Gunther Verheugen will give evidence to the parliament’s inquiry committee on the car emissions scandal. ECR lead MEP on the committee Hans-Olaf Henkel will quiz the former commissioner on whether EU legislation was badly defined, especially failing to include real driving emissions testing.

Meeting: Tuesday @ 15.00

Terrorism discussion

The home affairs committee will meet with EU counter-terror coordinator Gilles De Kerchove to discuss terrorist attacks over the summer break. Lead ECR MEP Timothy Kirkhope believes that greater trust between intelligence agencies must be created so that intelligence is shared more routinely.

Debate: Wednesday @ 09.00


Packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs)

The economics committee will decide whether to object to an act by the European Commission regarding the technical standards of so-called packaged retail and insurance-based investment products. ECR shadow rapporteur Syed Kamall believes that the standards are unclear and give industry insufficient time to adjust. He is fully supportive of clearer information for investors, but believes that these standards are tokenistic and  could be detrimental to investors as they are currently worded.

Decision: Thursday


Białowieża Forest

ECR MEP Jadwiga Wiśniewska is hosting an exhibition and a conference on the natural and cultural heritage of the Białowieża Forest with the participation of Jan Szyszko, Polish Minister for the Environment.

Exhibtion launched: Wednesday @ 18.00 in the 3rd floor bar area

Conference: Wednesday @ 15.30 in room A1G2


Lucke debate with Varoufakis on the Euro

ECR German MEP Bernd Lucke will debate with former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis at the European Forum Alpbach. The subject will be “The Euro: Fissure of Glue for Europe.”

The event will be streamed live:

Debate: Thursday @ 16.00


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