Jun 23, 2017


ECR Group Study Days in Berlin 27 June-30 June 2017

From Tuesday to Friday the ECR Group study days will take place in Berlin. Up for discussion will be the UK position on Brexit negotiations, future trade relations between the EU and the UK, the EU after the election of Emmanuel Macron, relations between the EU and the US, the status quo in Turkey, the future of work (Work 4.0), external and internal migration, EU/NATO security policy, the future of the Euro monetary system and the role of women in Islam.

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When: Tuesday to Friday

Press Officer to contact:   +32470882348

Bernd Koelmel wants an EU-Budget that provides better value for taxpayers’ money.

On Wednesday 28th June, Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Guenther H. Oettinger is going to present his Reflection paper on “the Future of the EU finances” in the budget committee.

ECR Budgetary Spokesman Bernd Koelmel sees an urgent need for an EU Budget reform and better value for taxpayers’ money.

When: Wednesday @17.00

Press Officer to contact:   +32470882348

Uniform format for residence permits for third country nationals

The first reading agreement on ECR member Jussi Halla-aho’s report establishing a uniform format for residence permits, and the information they must contain, for non-EU nationals living legally in the EU will be voted by the Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday. This uniform format will also include certain standard security features, to which optional features can be added. Such harmonisation of the residence permit shall help border guards and other relevant authorities to conduct their tasks and contribute to the security of EU citizens and legal residents, which should contribute to stronger external EU borders.

Vote: Thursday the 29th of June, 12.25pm

Press officer to contact: Yannick Vanderveeren. +32 473 80 64 46

Evaluating EU funding to NGOs

On Tuesday ECR MEP Anders Vistisen will chair a conference “Evaluating Impact: EU funding to NGOs”.

The event will provide a platform for a broad discussion on EU funding to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and their impact on EU foreign policy, human rights, and environmentalism as well as considering potential conflicts of interest.

When: Tuesday @ 10:30, European Parliament JAN 6Q1