Trebesius: Member States must take responsibility for their own social policies, not the EU

Apr 26, 2017


The EU must not interfere with member states social policies, Ulrike Trebesius MEP told the European Parliament today in response to the European Commission’s new plans for a Social Pillar.

Speaking in the debate today, she said: “The EU must respect the differences between members states’ social systems. We fear that the Commission’s plans will be used to harmonise social policy further, bringing more competencies to the European level and away from member states.

“When compared globally, the EU has very high social standards. This is good, but also expensive. You must be able to afford it.

“In view of the economic situation in the EU, additional social demands can be a risk. While some of the stronger countries could afford additional rules and their costs, the weaker economies of the Eurozone and Eastern Europe, as well as smaller companies, cannot. If the EU weakens the competitive position of individual countries, it must also assume responsibility. And that is not what we want.”

“Member states must take responsibility for their own social concerns and bear the consequences. Good or bad.”