Ukraine celebrates 25th anniversary of independence in the European Parliament

Sep 28, 2016


To mark the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence this year, an art exhibition of Ukrainian artist, Ivan Marchuk, has been displayed in the European Parliament. The host of the event, ECR MEP, Mark Demesmaeker, and Ukrainian diplomatic missions in Brussels officially presented the exhibition. This event highlights the fact that culture has a strong impact in the field of communication and reminds us once again how important it is for the EU and Ukraine to continue their cooperation at all levels.

The pro-Western Ukraine, which is by far the main part of the country, has fought determinedly towards obtaining a closer relationship with the West. However, Ukrainians have had to go through hard times in both the Orange Revolution and the Euromaidan fighting the biggest outside enemy, Russia, and the biggest enemy of Ukraine itself- corruption- which is also strongly related to the Russian influence in the country.
However, an endless struggle shows us that Ukraine is moving in the right direction towards integration in the EU, and that persistence, hope and belief will carry the mission through.
The paintings of Ivan Marchuk add emphasis to these feelings. Mr. Marchuk’s work shows a deep philosophical worldview that reflect our deepest emotions of our days. He wants to show us peace and happiness, good and evil, life and death, and love.
Marchuk is not well liked in Russia, and in Soviet times, Marchuk’s paintings were under constant scrutiny by the KGB. In the late 1980s, he emigrated to Australia and then travelled to Canada and the USA. Nevertheless, he was always drawn back to his native land.
Marchuk wants to unite people in the name of love and goodness, which is why he is dedicating his art exhibition to the 25th anniversary of independence of Ukraine.
Mark Demesmaeker is honored to be part of Ukraine’s celebration of its independence: “It is crucial that the EU continues to help Ukraine along its path towards integration in the EU. That is my message of hope, and my message of dedication. Together with a large group of MEPs, real friends of Ukraine, I will continue to support our Ukrainian friends in their struggle for freedom, democracy and real independence”.