Van Dalen: High time to release Asia Bibi from prison

Jul 05, 2017


Too many people are languishing in Pakistan’s prisons because of the existence and misuse of blasphemy laws and the European Parliament must speak out on their behalf, said ECR MEP Peter van Dalen.
Mr Van Dalen held a documentary screening in Strasbourg to raise awareness about the plight of Asia Bibi, young Christian woman from Pakistan who has been on death row for the past seven years, since her neighbours accused her of blasphemy.
Through screening the documentary “Freedom for Asia Bibi”, Peter van Dalen hopes to encourage fellow MEPs to speak out about Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, and call for the release of Asia Bibi.
Mr Van Dalen said: “Asia Bibi has been locked up in prison for too long. It is time for her to be released. The Pakistani government must see to it that the Supreme Court appoints a new judge in her appeal case, so that due process may be followed, and justice observed.”