The role of the CBAM in the energy and economic strategies of the European Union

On Monday 29 November 2021, ECR MEP Izabela Kloc will host an online event on the role of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) in the energy and economic strategies of the European Union. Politicians and experts will exchange views over one of the most important regulatory instruments that the European Union intends to use to maintain its economic competitiveness in the era of the European Green Deal.


Welcome remarks @ 10:00 CET

  • Ms Izabela Kloc, ECR MEP, Poland

Introductory remarks @ 10:05 CET

  • Professor Ryszard Legutko, Co-Chairman of the ECR Group

Remarks @ 10:10 CET

  • Mr Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland

Impact of the abolition of the ETS system on the Polish economy @ 10:30 CET

  • Ms Anna Moskwa, Minister of Climate and Environment, Poland

Introduction of CBAM as a trigger for a global trade war? @ 10:40 CET

  • Mr Alexandr Vondra, ECR MEP, Czech Republic

The significance of the CBAM pilot phase @ 10:50 CET

  • Professor Zdzislaw Krasnodebski, ECR MEP, Vice Chair of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

The impact of CBAM on the process of equitable energy and economic transition in Poland @ 11:00 CET

  • Mr Piotr Pyzik, Secretary of State in the Ministry of State Assets

Presentation on the use of carbon footprint in building climate strategy of enterprises @ 11:40

  • Professor Krzysztof Stanczyk

Presentation on the impact of CBAM on the micro- and macro economy @ 12:00

  • Dr. Marcin Baron

Concluding remarks @ 12:30

  • Ms Izabela Kloc, ECR MEP, Poland

You can follow the live broadcast here.

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