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ECR Group Members in the Committees

Full list of ECR Group Members in the European Parliament's Committees, July 2020

30 July 2020

ECR Group Coordinators July 2020

Full list of ECR Group Coordinators in the European Parliament's Committees, July 2020

30 July 2020

Europe’s demographic winter

ECR Working Group on Demography, Intergenerational and Family Policies.

3 March 2020

Jan Zahradil - Your candidate for President of the European Parliament

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group have nominated Czech MEP Jan Zahradil as their candidate for the presidency of the European Parliament for the period July 2019 - December 2021. Zahradil, who recently ran as a ‘lead candidate’ during the European elections, is ready to take up the challenge and bring more balance to the EU’s institutions. Read his programme here.

25 June 2019

ECR Achievements: Making the EU Work Better For You

From 2014-2019 the ECR Group have worked hard to ensure that the European Union goes back to basics and delivers results on the core reasons why Member States joined the EU.Our efforts have delivered results, results that improve people's lives everyday. For a new group often swimming against the federalist tide, we have a strong record of delivering in Brussels and for the people of Europe. In this brochure are examples of those achievements of making the EU a better place.

8 April 2019

Baltic Sea Declaration

Challenges face the countries that surround the Baltic Sea, such as pollution from munitions, the need to improve harbour and landing infrastructures for fisheries as well as the damage of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The ECR Group have developed a strategy to tackle these issues that affect the Baltic Sea and the Member States that border it.

5 April 2019

Statement on the Future of Europe - Co-Signed by ECR Group and Debout la France

We believe in the nations of Europe. Our countries are the source of identity of our peoples and the focal point of their loyalty. National sovereignty is the foundation of democracy and nation states are the main pillars of our civilisation, without which there can be no Europe.Yet many challenges can only be addressed effectively by European partners working together in cooperation within shared institutions.

28 February 2019

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws prescribe harsh sentences for ‘defiling’ the Quran and insulting the prophet Muhammed. The laws also forbid Ahmadis from calling themselves Muslim. The laws discriminate and stifle religious minorities but threaten majority Muslims as well due to widespread misuse. In this paper Peter van Dalen and Tomasz Poręba offer their proposals for reform of the blasphemy laws.

9 October 2018

Proposals for Reform of the Dublin Regulation

Timothy Kirkhope MEP discusses the direction in which the Dublin regulation should reform.

4 October 2018

Commission Work Programme: Unleashing Europe’s Potential

Europe is in a global race in which only competitive economies will be able to create jobs and raise the living standards of their citizens.

4 October 2018

Reshoring - Bringing Jobs Back to Europe

Reduced bureaucracy,competitive energy market and lower taxes as just a few components that companies in Europe need to have in order to reestablish the job market.

4 October 2018

Western Balkans

Angel Dzhambazski, along with a number of other ECR Members, have set out their priorities, reflections, and recommendations in policy paper that considers what more needs to be done to advance cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkans, and in some countries’ cases continue on the path to EU membership.

20 September 2018

Annual Burden Survey - Policy Paper

This policy paper written by Anthea McIntyre MEP sets out how the Annual Burden Survey could be used to draw comparisons, on an annual basis, on the way individual pieces of legislation have been transposed at the national level by each Member State. It

23 May 2018

Standardising the SME Test

When the Small Business Act (SBA) was launched in 2008 by the European Commision, it had four main priorities: promoting entrepreneurship; reducing regulatory burden; better access to nance; and access to markets and internationalisation.

9 June 2017

декларация на Европейския на EKP Othocho Бъдещето на Европейския съюз

The Future of the European Union - ECR Statment български Download the brochure below.

8 March 2017

Oświadczenie Grupy EKR W Sprawie Przyszłośi Unii Europejskiej

The Future of the European Union - ECR Statement Polskie Download the brochure below.

8 March 2017

Dichiarazione Del Gruppo ECR Sul Futuro Dell’Unione Europea

The Future of the European Union- ECR Statement Italiano Download the brochure below.

8 March 2017

The Future of the European Union - ECR Statement

The European Union has overreached. It has become too centralised, too ambitious, and too out of touch with ordinary citizens. Only this eurorealist agenda offered by the ECR and presented in this paper will achieve positive results and meet the expectations of the peoples of Europe.

8 March 2017

Facing The Challenges Of The Future

To mark the ECR’s Autumn University meeting in Rome, a selection of ECR MEPs have drafted their thoughts on how the EU can face up to the challenges of the future.

20 September 2016

ECR Policy Toolkit

Better regulation is now at the centre of the political agenda, particularly the need to reduce the administrative burden on business and to cut ‘red tape’. Not only is it essential for creat- ing and maintaining jobs, it is intrinsically linked to the concept of re-shoring - bringing jobs back to Europe.

3 August 2016

Effizienz & Subsidiarität - Leitlinien Für Die Haushalyspolitik Der EU

Efficiency and Subsidiarity - Guideline on Reforming EU Budgetary Policy Deutsche Download the brochure below.

7 March 2016

Efficiency and Subsidiarity - Guideline on Reforming EU Budgetary Policy

Reforming the EU budget is essential if it is to meet the challenges of the future not the past. In this paper Bernd Kölmel, Anders Vistisen and Richard Sulík provide their guidelines on reform, arguing for a sustainably financed EU budget and an efficient budgetary policy in keeping with the principle of subsidiarity.

7 March 2016

Proposals on Migration in the Mediterranean; Timothy Kirkhope MEP

Controlled immigration and effective implementation of asylum procedures was one of the founding principles and priorities of the ECR Group. Much like a number of areas of EU policy making, asylum and migration is an area where reform and improvement in its implementation are needed, and the burdens placed upon some Member States addressed.

18 May 2015

ECR Group Discussion Paper on the Digital Single Market Strategy

The ECR wants a single market fit for the digital age that will stimulate growth, innovation and competitiveness.

9 April 2015

ECR Group Proposals on the Revision of the Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Law-Making

The ECR Group views the improvement of our regulatory environment as an essential element of the competitiveness agenda and as a significant contributor to maximising employment and growth in Europe. By encouraging more companies to locate in Europe and not out-source, an effective, competitive regulatory environment contributes to improved social and environmental conditions, while providing an economic benefit not just in numerical terms, but also through positive spill-over effects such as increased innovation.

8 April 2015

Internal Security Strategy for the EU - Priorities; Timothy Kirkhope MEP

"Regional conflicts, increases in home grown terrorism and ISIS, and more diverse and technologically sophisticated and well-funded organised criminal groups mean that the EU's next internal Security Strategy is critical in ensuring the EU's citizens and its infrastructure are protected."

8 April 2015

Taking the EU in a new direction - ECR Achievements 2009-2014

In the European Parliament, ECR MEPs have ‘rolled up their sleeves‘ and immersed themselves in the detail of the work of the European Parliament. Our efforts have delivered results. Many of these results do not make good headlines in newspapers, but they improve people‘s lives nonetheless.

24 May 2014




Videos, reports & more detailing ECR news and current events

ECR Africa Summit - 9th January 2019

Africa is a continent experiencing a renaissance in terms of economic growth, inward investment, the emergence of widespread entrepreneurialism, demographic changes, inward and foreign investment, and the development of tech companies. This Summit expanded upon already existing areas of cooperation, and dived deeper into key challenges and opportunities in order to strengthen the EU’s collaborative and effective regional partnership with African nations. This Summit was an opportunity to exchange best practice between the EU and African nations in key areas, such as democracy, security, economy, health related issues, emergent technologies, the use of development aid, and developing a future relationship on trade cooperation. This Summit brought together key politicians, commentators, organisations, and experts to discuss these important issues.

8 February 2019

Mark Demesmaeker tackles plastic pollution

MEP Mark Demesmaeker joins fellow MEPs to clean up Strasbourg. On Wednesday, MEPs voted to ban or restrict 10 of the most commonly found single-use plastic items polluting our beaches. Mr. Demesmaeker tells us more and how we can become more responsible consumers.

24 October 2018

ECR Co-Chair Syed Kamall: “President Macron’s EU Vision Not Right for All”

17 April 2018

ECR Looks Back on 2017

A collection of some of our biggest achievements of the year. From CETA to geoblocking and more. Watch and learn more and have a Merry Christmas!

19 December 2017

ECR Weekly: Protecting EU citizens

Protecting EU citizens has always been our key priority and we have always been the leading voice in the European Parliament on security. The laws we make here in Brussels must produce the right balance between freedom and security in order to protect people in these challenging times. With greater cooperation across national borders & a more efficient and interconnected flow of information between law enforcement authorities - Europe can become a safer place. Watch a few examples of our member's achievements in our new #ECRWeekly on security!

30 November 2017

Our Vice-Chair Helga Stevens Talks Counter-Terrorism & Citizens’ Safety

Watch ECR Group Vice-Chair Helga Stevens speak about her new role as co-rapporteur on the new Special Committee on Terrorism.

12 October 2017

Introduction to the ECR Group - time to take the EU in a new direction

The European Conservatives and Reformists group was created in 2009 to campaign for urgent reform of the European Union. We want to see a more practical approach to what Europe should do. www.ecrgroup.eu

15 January 2014


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