Draft laws to cut single use plastics adopted by MEPs

New rules to curb litter from the most commonly found single-use plastics on our beaches were adopted today in the European Parliament's Environment Committee. MEPs voted to specifically address the 10 single-use plastics that are most often found washed up or still in the sea, as well as lost and abandoned fishing gear. These items together account for 70% of all marine litter.

10 October 2018


2018 NEWS

Draft laws to cut single use plastics adopted by MEPs

New rules to curb litter from the most commonly found single-use plastics on our beaches were adopted today in the European Parliament's Environment Committee. MEPs voted to specifically address the 10 single-use plastics that are most often found washed up or still in the sea, as well as lost and abandoned fishing gear. These items together account for 70% of all marine litter.

10 October 2018

MEPs endanger Europe’s car industry with new emissions plan

An unrealistic and irresponsible plan to cut vehicle emissions adopted by the European Parliament today would endanger jobs and Europe’s car industry, warned ECR Group MEPs.

3 October 2018

ECJ: MEPs can vote on budget in Brussels if necessary

Today’s “common sense” court ruling which will allow MEPs to vote in Brussels on budget matters in certain circumstances has been welcomed by ECR MEP Ashley Fox. The European Court of Justice ruled against France’s claim that the European Parliament’s adoption of the EU’s 2017 budget at an “exceptional” sitting in Brussels, and not in Strasbourg, breached the EU treaty. The ECJ’s ruling today says that MEPs were entitled to adopt the annual budget in Brussels if necessary to meet time limits set out in the EU’s Treaties.

2 October 2018

This week in the European Parliament - 1st to 4th October 2018

This week in the European Parliament our MEPs will be talking reducing vehicle emissions according to more realistic standards than the current 45% target, ending the tampon tax, the future of Distributed Ledger Technologies and blockchain, as well as debating the Future of Europe with Estonian PM Jüri Ratas.

28 September 2018

McClarkin: Use blockchain to revolutionise international trade

We need to utilise blockchain technology to boost trade urges ECR MEP Emma McClarkin. Miss McClarkin today unveiled her report that highlights blockchain’s potential to simplify and streamline international trade in the European Parliament’s trade committee. Her report calls for the EU to update its customs procedures to use blockchain to reduce the costly and burdensome paperwork that businesses and authorities need to fill in to trade.

27 September 2018

Sulík: Dual food quality itself is not an unfair practice

Certain products are sold across EU countries with significantly different composition, but branded in a seemingly identical way. ECR Group supported calls for ending this practice by introducing more transparency and cross-border cooperation and raising consumer awareness.

14 September 2018

Europe must stop outsourcing its plastic waste problems

A report by ECR MEP Mark Demesmaeker that makes a series of firm recommendations on dealing with plastic waste was adopted by an overwhelming majority in the European Parliament today.

14 September 2018

Kamall: Time running out for EU to start listening

Time is running out for the European Union to deliver on the issues its citizens really care about, European Conservatives and Reformists group Co-chairman Syed Kamall warned today.

13 September 2018

Legutko: Five years on – the EU’s in a worse state

“The real questions that we should ask ourselves today is – is the European Union in a better shape now than when Juncker took office? The answer is a very clear – No. There has never been a time in the history of EU integration when the countries of the EU have been this disunited.

12 September 2018

Syed Kamall: Juncker’s legacy to date. The loss of a member state. And the slated rise of a crony.

Next week sees one of the EU’s set-piece events, when Jean Claude Juncker makes his last State of the Union speech before stepping down in 2019.

7 September 2018

ECR MEP’s crowdfunding ‘passport’ plan could transform the sector

Crowdfunding has the potential to become a much greater source of funding for small businesses in Europe, ECR MEP Ashley Fox said today as he unveiled proposals for EU-wide regulation of the sector.

29 August 2018

The Week Ahead from the ECR Group in the European Parliament 9th – 13th July 2018

This week in the European Parliament: Western Balkans Summit and Montenegro progress report; Hearing at the ECJ: Legality of ECB bond purchases; A European plastics strategy; ECR Facebook live: Future of the Euro; 2018 NATO summit; Dual quality of products.

9 July 2018

Irresponsible and unrealistic vote threatens future of EU-US privacy agreement

A vote in the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee calling for the suspension of the EU-US Privacy Shield is irresponsible and could leave EU citizens in legal limbo, warned ECR Group MEP Dan Dalton.

5 July 2018

Counter terrorism proposals presented

Proposals to strengthen counter-terrorism policy in Europe were presented today by ECR Flemish MEP Helga Stevens’, parliament’s co-rapporteur on the special committee on terrorism.

5 July 2018

Legutko: Another missed opportunity by the EP for constructive debate on the future of Europe

Co-Chairman of the ECR Group Ryszard Legutko MEP, pointed out that this was yet another missed opportunity to discuss much needed reform of the EU, and address the very real and genuine concerns of European citizens.

4 July 2018

MEPs set to “gerrymander” European election rules

Tomorrow MEPs will attempt to push through controversial reforms to European Electoral law that will see large political parties in only two EU Member States gain a significant number of seats from their political rivals, warned ECR constitutional affairs Spokesman, Morten Messerschmidt, ahead of the vote.

3 July 2018

EP endorses Zile’s report on enhanced EU cooperation in the fight against cross-border VAT fraud

“It is clear that, in the EU single market VAT fraudsters often are a few steps ahead of national regulation,” said Roberts Zīle, Latvian Vice-President of the ECR Group said today after his report on cross border VAT cooperation was adopted today.

3 July 2018

ECR Group approves two new members, Peter Lundgren and Kristina Winberg

Members of the ECR Group have made the decision to accept the application of the Sweden Democrats to join the European Conservatives and Reformists Group.

3 July 2018

The Week Ahead: 2nd – 8th July

This week in the European Parliament: Start of the Austrian Presidency; Future of Europe debate with Polish Prime Minister; Transport Mobility Package; Irresponsible calls to suspend EU-US Privacy Shield; Revising EU Copyright Law; 'Gerrymandering' European Electoral law,

3 July 2018

Family of Hadar Goldin to speak in the European Parliament

On 20 June, the family of the murdered and abducted Israeli Hadar Goldin will for the first time speak in the European Parliament. In an unprecedented cross-party session at the European Parliament, Hadar’s parents Dr. Leah Goldin and Prof. Simha Goldin and Hadar’s twin brother Tzur, will share their personal testimony in front of senior Members of the European Parliament. 

19 June 2018

Syed Kamall’s statement on today’s start to Brexit negotiations

As negotiations begin today on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union Syed Kamall, Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, said: “The start of negotiations today is important for both the UK and the EU. A calm, constructive, and cooperative approach to talks is what will bring about the most progress in the coming weeks and months.

19 June 2018

The Netherlands must emerge as the rational counterweight to more Europe

ECR Group members have welcomed the commitment by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to an EU that both respects the sovereignty of its Member States, who should work together to bring real added value, and that does less but does it better.

13 June 2018

The week ahead: 11th – 15th June

This week in the European Parliament: UK’s parliament seats should not be redistributed; Respect for Georgian territorial integrity; Future of Europe debate – Mark Rutte; Tackling the ivory trade.

12 June 2018

Horizon Europe proposals: We must keep building on successful EU research programme

The European Commission has today announced their proposals for the EU’s next seven year research Programme. With a proposed budget of €100bn, the Horizon Europe programme will continue to focus on common challenges such as technology, health and climate change.

7 June 2018

The Week Ahead: 2nd – 8th June 2018

This week in the European Parliament: France v the European Parliament; Options for future data sharing arrangements; Civil liberties committee begins Facebook hearings; Reintegrating workers recovering from injury and illness.

4 June 2018

Farmers should not pay the price for EU funding pressures

Potential cuts to future funding of the Common Agricultural Policy are the biggest threat facing farmers in the EU, according to ECR agriculture co-ordinator Jim Nicholson. He insists that the agricultural sector should not be penalised for financial pressures caused by Brexit and by demands for more funding for other areas of EU spending such as security and migration.

30 May 2018

Plan to help cut EU regulatory burden unveiled

The European Union must constantly be on the lookout for cases of “gold-plating” and other burdensome regulations warns the ECR in a new policy paper today.

30 May 2018

Tomasic: Cohesion funding vital for economies still rebuilding after Communism

“Cohesion funding is vital for many of the regions and Member States still rebuilding their economies after communism."

29 May 2018

Kamall: Who needs Interpol when you have Mark Zuckerberg?

“I went into the hearing wanting to give Mr Zuckerberg a fair chance to address Facebook users’ and non-Facebook users’ concerns. However, what this hearing highlighted is that we still don’t know the depths that people’s data has been abused."

23 May 2018

Lasting commitment and a meaningful legacy needed following EU-Western Balkans summit

With the EU-Western Balkans summit taking place today in Sofia, marking the centre piece of Bulgaria’s EU Presidency, the Chairman of the ECR’s Western Balkan’s Policy Group has called for a lasting commitment to increase EU-Western Balkans cooperation and a meaningful legacy to the Summit.

17 May 2018

The Week Ahead: 14th – 18th May 2018

ECR Group in London; Data protection inter-parliamentary meeting; Western Balkans summit.

14 May 2018

Parliament backs calls for global ban on cosmetics testing on animals

The barbaric practice of testing cosmetics on animals has to stop, said ECR environment spokesman Boleslaw Piecha, after MEPs in the European Parliament today backed a resolution he co-authored.

3 May 2018

Koelmel on the MFF: Increased budget despite Brexit is disappointing but entirely predictable

“Proposing an increase in the EU’s budget despite Brexit is disappointing but entirely predictable. From new EU taxes to common defence funds to policing ‘values’ this budget is all about more centralisation and more Brussels meddling.

2 May 2018

Parliament position on asylum reforms defies common sense

Attempts to simplify asylum procedures and combat abuse across the system will have the opposite effect, warned ECR Finnish MEP Jussi Halla Aho following a vote in the European Parliament today.

25 April 2018

Cooperation, not confrontation needed to solve post-Brexit fishing challenges

The EU and UK must enter fisheries negotiations in the “spirit of cooperation” if their fishing industries are to thrive post-Brexit ECR MEPs and fishing representatives said today.

25 April 2018

New rules will prevent another Dieselgate scandal

Comprehensive measures to prevent a repeat of the Dieselgate scandal today secured final approval from MEPs.

19 April 2018

Selmayrgate: Time for the Commission to pull their heads out of the sand

Whilst the Commission has continued to insist that no rules were been broken during the process, serious questions have been raised which cast doubt over the whole process and the integrity of the institution itself. The resolution adopted today calls on the Commission to reassess the procedure used to appointment Selmayr, in order to give other potential candidates an opportunity to apply.

18 April 2018

Kamall: Syria strikes necessary to reinstate international rules

“Let us, as an international community, now make sure we pursue a diplomatic solution with even more vigour and determination having sent a signal that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable.” - Syed Kamall MEP

16 April 2018


ECR Internal Market co-ordinator Daniel Dalton MEP today welcomed the European Commission’s New Deal for Consumers.

11 April 2018

Russia’s EU gas pipelines must play by our rules

New rules to enforce EU gas liberalisation rules on pipelines from third countries such as Russia have been adopted today by parliament’s energy and industry committee.

21 March 2018

ECR MEPs oppose protectionist measures for airlines

Airlines based outside the EU could face protectionist measures against them after the European Parliament’s Transport Committee voted to update the EU’s competition rules today.

20 March 2018

Services e-card: Selling a service should be no different to selling a car

MEPS block introduction of services E-card

20 March 2018

Rohingya refugees need help now. Countries must honour their pledges

Time is running out for countries to make good on their pledges to help Rohingya refugees fleeing from Myanmar before the monsoon season arrives, an ECR Group MEP warned today.

15 March 2018

Cybercrime and terrorism: a serious threat to public services

ECR Flemish MEP Helga Stevens has warned of the increasing threat posed by cybercriminals.

14 March 2018

Koelmel: Next 7 year EU budget must end the waste of the past

The EU’s next Multiannual Financial Framework must be targeted towards policies for growth and end the waste and inefficiencies of the past, said ECR Budget Spokesman Bernd Koelmel in Strasbourg today.

14 March 2018

Ashley Fox: We have a shared interest in getting Brexit right

Only a lack of political will and imagination will stop Britain forging a new, mutually beneficial relationship with the European Union, Conservative MEPs’ leader Ashley Fox said today.

13 March 2018

The Week Ahead: 12th – 15th March 2018

This week in the European Parliament: Selmayr appointment; European Parliament resolution on the future EU-UK relationship; ECR topical debate on the fight against cybercrime and the threat to public services; Murder of Slovakian journalist Ján Kuciak; Multiannual Financial Framework MFF 2020-2027 and new EU own resources; US steel and aluminium tariffs.

9 March 2018

ECR Group calls on Turkey to respect international law over actions in Cyprus’ EEZ

Turkey’s continuing provocative and illegal actions in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus are incompatible with its European path as a candidate for EU membership.

8 March 2018

European Parliament to hold plenary debate on appointment of new Comission Secretary General

Two weeks ago, in an unprecedented move, the European Commission announced that their Secretary General, Alexander Italianer had retired with immediate effect and that Martin Selmayr, the current Chef de Cabinet of Commission President Jean Claude Juncker would replace him.

7 March 2018

The ECR Bureau visits Bahrain

The Bureau of the European Conservatives & Reformists Group ( ECR) in the European Parliament visited Bahrain 4-5 March 2018.

6 March 2018

2nd – 6th March 2015 – Brussels

Interparliamentary Conference and Circular economy.

6 March 2018

More EU action urged to tackle terrorist funding

Cutting off funding to extremist groups is a key tool in the fight against terrorism, ECR Foreign Affairs co-ordinator Charles Tannock told MEPs today.

1 March 2018

ECR Group call for Commission to explain appointment process for new Secretary General

The ECR Group has taken a decision today to ask that the Commission to come to the European Parliament plenary in order to answer important questions regarding the transparency and integrity of their processes for appointing top officials.

28 February 2018

Kamall on Selmayr appointment: The Commission don’t seem to even realise why this is a problem

Syed Kamall MEP criticises Selmayr appointment

22 February 2018

Koelmel: MEPs unwilling to face facts on future EU budget

ECR budget spokesman Bernd Koelmel has criticised the unwillingness of MEPs to consider the prospect of a reduced EU budget.

22 February 2018

Open letter to EP Group Presidents regarding the proposed secret ballot

Open letter to Presidents Schulz, Daul, Swoboda, Verhofstadt, Cohn-Bendit and Harms

21 February 2018

Kamall: now the British people must decide

Syed Kamall MEP has welcomed the deal struck in the European Council regarding the UK.

20 February 2018

EU at a critical cross-roads, warn ECR MEPs

The EU must be wary of anything which may further distance EU voters from Brussels warned ECR co-chairs Syed Kamall and Ryszard Legutko.

14 February 2018

Kamall: EU must address its “shocking” lack of racial diversity

The EU has been urged to put its house in order and address a “shocking” lack of racial diversity in the European institutions.

7 February 2018

Parliament approves EU carbon trading reforms

Reforms to the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme have been approved by MEPs in Strasbourg.

6 February 2018

Shopping in Europe without borders

New rules that will prevent consumers being discriminated against based on where they live have been adopted by MEPS in Strasbourg.

6 February 2018

Car emissions testing must be brought into 21st century

European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group MEPs are warning that a rejection of changes to car emissions testing procedures could delay improvements to air quality.

2 February 2018

The Week Ahead from the ECR Group – 5th – 9th February 2018

Take a look at the upcoming agenda for the ECR group

2 February 2018

The Week Ahead 30th January – 3rd February 2017

take a look at the upcoming agenda for the ECR group.

30 January 2018

Ground breaking ideas proposed to tackle poverty

A “do tank” to promote new ways of tackling poverty was amongst ideas floated at a high-level conference in London today.

26 January 2018

New database will close a crime fighting loophole

New measures to improve the sharing of criminal records information between EU Member States strike the right balance between security and individual rights.

25 January 2018

Global summit explores grassroots solutions to poverty

A major conference exploring how grassroots projects can provide lasting solutions to world poverty is taking place in London on Friday.

24 January 2018

Projekt Hansa launched to boost trade across northern Europe

ECR MEP Rupert Matthews launched Projekt Hansa to promote trade, tourism and develop cultural links across northern Europe.

23 January 2018

The UK’s European Parliament seats: Smaller EU should mean smaller Parliament

Plans to redistribute the UK’s 73 seats in the European Parliament at the next European Elections in 2019 have been heavily criticised by ECR Group constitutional affairs spokesman Kazimierz Ujazdowski ahead of a vote tomorrow.

22 January 2018

Syed Kamall: People expect us to sort out Brexit

European Union negotiators must decide whether they want a Brexit deal that prioritises people or the EU project, ECR co-chairman Syed Kamall said today.

16 January 2018

The Week Ahead – 15-18 January

Take a look at the upcoming agenda for the ECR group

15 January 2018

New EU cybercrime centre is a click in the right direction

A new EU Cybercrime Centre to be opened this week in the Hague is a welcome step to prevent fraud and piracy, to combat child abuse online, and to protect against terrorism and attacks against infrastructure, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists group Justice and Home Affairs spokesman, said today.

9 January 2018




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