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Since our foundation in 2009, we have been working hard towards an EU that gets back to basics to deliver common sense solutions. We believe that at the heart of every decision made by the EU, should be the consideration of whether or not it is adding value for hard-working taxpayers across the union.

To achieve this, ECR MEPs continue to focus their efforts on decentralisation, connecting people and business, promoting fair and free trade, and fostering a safe and secure Europe, among many other achievements.

Our efforts have delivered results improving the lives of citizens across the EU every day and we will continue promoting a wider agenda of long-term pan-European euro-realist reform. We will also carry on our hard work in securing a more flexible, open, and economically vibrant EU offering citizens and taxpayers tangible benefits.

With your support and the continued efforts of our MEPs, we believe that an EU that respects the wishes of its citizens, spends taxpayers’ money responsibly, and respects the sovereignty of its national governments, is an EU that can build a stronger future that better serves its citizens.

Yours sincerely,

Ryszard Legutko & Raffaele Fitto
Co-Chairmen of the ECR Group in the European Parliament

Founded to take the EU in a NEW DIRECTION

The ECR Group is a centre-right political group in the European Parliament, founded in 2009 with a common cause to reform the EU based on euro-realism, respecting the sovereignty of nations, and focusing on economic recovery, growth and competitiveness. From its 8 founding Member States with 54 MEPs in 2009, we now have 62 members from 15 EU Member States.

EUROREALISTS, not anti-European

Euro-realism is the driving force of the ECR Group, which distinguishes our agenda from the other political groups in the European Parliament. The European Union needs a new direction. Some argue that the solution is more Europe, others that the solution is no Europe. We offer a bold alternative vision of a reformed EU as a community of nations cooperating in areas where they have some common interests that can best be advanced by working together.

We are the voice of COMMON SENSE

The European Union has overreached. It has become too centralised, too ambitious, and too out of touch with ordinary citizens. We believe in restoring common sense in Brussels - advocating for the equal treatment of all Member States, pushing the EU to be more fiscally responsible, finding new ways to connect people and business, creating solutions to the migrant crisis and the terrorist threat, and adopting a global approach to increase EU competitiveness on the world stage.


The ECR Group is at the forefront of generating forward-looking policy proposals to design a reformed European Union that is more flexible, decentralised and respects the wishes of its Member States. Only an EU that truly listens to its people can offer real solutions to the problems we face today. We believe in cutting red tape, in an EU run by national governments not Brussels bureaucrats, in doing less but better, in an immigration system that works, in spending taxpayer money wisely, but most of all, we believe in fostering an EU that is safe, secure, competitive and prosperous for all.




Ryszard Antoni Legutko

ECR Co-Chairman, Member of the ECR Bureau, Polish Delegation Leader

email // web

Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość)

Raffaele Fitto

ECR Co-Chair, Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @RaffaeleFitto

Noi con l'Italia (Us with Italy)


Roberts Zile

ECR Group Vice-Chair, Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @robertszile

National Alliance "All For Latvia!" – "For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK" (Nacionālā apvienība „Visu Latvijai!” – „Tēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK”)

Assita Kanko

ECR Group Vice-Chair, Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @Assita_Kanko

New Flemish Alliance (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie)

Peter Lundgren

ECR Group Vice-Chair, Member of the ECR Bureau


Swedish Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna)

Daniel Hannan

ECR Group Vice-Chair, Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @DanHannanMEP

Conservative Party
United Kingdom

Derk Jan Eppink

ECR Group Vice-Chair, Member of the ECR Bureau

email // @djeppink


Hermann Leopold Tertsch del Valle-Lersundi

ECR Group Vice-Chair, Member of the ECR Bureau



Kosma Złotowski

Member of the ECR Bureau, ECR Co-Treasurer


Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość)

Angel Dzhambazki

Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @dzhambazki

Bulgarian National Movement – IMRO (Българско Национално Движение)




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