“A landmark moment for the development of EU news media and audiovisual policies”

Today, the European Parliament has adopted an initiative aiming to bolster the EU's media sector.

According to ECR Rapporteur and ex-Minister of Culture of Latvia Dace Melbārde, the European Parliament’s own initiative report on Europe’s Media in the Digital Decade: an Action Plan to Support Recovery and Transformation is “a landmark moment for the development of EU news media and audiovisual policies”.

With the resolution, MEPs have asked for a better funding for public service media in the current multi-annual budget (MFF). Ms Melbārde raised hope that a separate, properly funded permanent EU news media fund would be established to empower independent news coverage, safeguard the independence of European journalists and guarantee the freedom of the press.

Speaking after the report’s adoption, Ms Melbārde said:

“We must preserve and protect our values, promote pluralism and diversity, and make the European media sector stronger and more resilient. Despite being largely driven by private market players, the media sector has a strong ‘public good’ component and is critical for the healthy functioning of our democracies.

“In the report, we emphasize the need to find new sources of finance that meet the requirements of the 21st century. Among other things, a more appropriate, fairer tax system for global digital platforms – Facebook, Google, Amazon and others – would benefit the media sector.”

The text has been adopted by 577 votes in favour, 47 votes against and 76 abstentions.

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