ECR Group: CoFoE is an opportunity for patriots and the silent majority to make their voices heard

The Conservative and Reformists Group in the European Parliament invites all like-minded Conservatives, Patriots and people who love their home countries in Europe to participate in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

After the inaugural event which took place in Strasbourg today, Professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski, ECR representative in the Executive Board of the Conference with observer status, said:

“We see the EU developing into a supranational union, accumulating more and more power over policies that are better handled at the national level or through bilateral cooperation between individual states. Many citizens are unsettled to see the EU becoming more involved in their daily lives. The Conference is an opportunity for the silent majority to make their voices heard.

“The Union needs a serious and open debate on its reform. The pandemic has shown how unprepared we are while facing existential threats. The Conference on the Future of Europe is an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the European debate - including Conservatives, patriots and all those who want to see their home country’s culture preserved. I strongly encourage everyone to use the dedicated digital platform, allowing citizens to share their opinions and participate in the events.

“The so-called pro-European federalists claim that the future is either ‘more Europe or no Europe’. We, the Conservatives, say there is a middle ground. For us, it is time to restore the ideal of a Europe that respects the sovereignty of our national democracies. We want a Europe of mutual respect, cooperation and solidarity.

“For us conservatives, the idea of having a united European central state is an ideology that risks rolling back all the progress made by our sovereign, national democracies working together over many years as equal partners for the common good.”

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