ECR Group: Proud of efforts to beat cancer in final BECA report

The ECR Group welcomes the Parliament's firm vote in support of the final Beating Cancer Special Committee (BECA) report. Each year, an estimated 2.7 million new cases are diagnosed, and approximately 1.3 million people will lose their lives to cancer, and this report will be central in addressing health inequalities and meeting the needs of millions affected by the disease.

The report is the culmination of BECA’s work, marking the end of the committee’s fifteen-month mandate by establishing a wide-range of recommendations for Member States and EU institutions to strengthen Europe’s resilience against cancer.

Italian MEP and ECR Shadow Rapporteur Pietro Fiocchi said:

“A high number of cancers are preventable and a large section of the report is dedicated to primary prevention legislation, including incentivising healthier diets and working conditions, better screening, and provisions to further limit exposure to radon gas, poor air quality and industrial chemicals.

“However, the ECR Group shared the concerns of producers and trade associations about the stringency of some suggestions adopted in committee on alcohol control, which failed to properly distinguish between harmful and moderate consumption, and we are pleased to see these proposals removed following today’s plenary vote.

“It is important to have a balanced and reasonable text on primary prevention, which will support and help facilitate the Commission’s work in implementing its Action Plan to Combat Cancer.”

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