Fotyga: The Russo-Georgian war already showed that we cannot rely on negotiations with the Kremlin

On the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Georgia, ECR Group Foreign Affairs Coordinator Anna Fotyga states:

“Fourteen years ago, the Russian Federation invaded Georgia, triggering the first war of the twenty-first century in Europe. Only the strong commitment of the U.S. and the unity and courage of Central European leaders led by the late President of Poland Lech Kaczynski saved Georgia’s independence at the time and stopped Russian troops.

“Today, it is clear that the 2008 events in Georgia have implications not only for that country, but also for the entire European peace and security agenda: more than 20 percent of Georgian territory is still under Russian occupation.

“The ceasefire agreement brokered by the European Union has never been implemented by the Russian aggressor. The lack of will, determination and strategic thinking to force the Kremlin to unconditionally implement the ceasefire agreement and withdraw from Georgian territories are factors that have allowed the Kremlin to repeatedly violate international law and continue its aggression, as it is doing today in Ukraine.

“The European Conservatives and Reformists continue to work for Georgia to be able to fully detach itself from its Soviet past and join the EU, to which its culture, history and tradition belong.”

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